- 02 October 2020


The latest products of the firm at

The Peronda brand news has been concentrated since this September on the website

A much more realistic visualization of the product, where the movement of each and every one of the pieces offers us the vision of the smallest detail. Nooks, flashes, reliefs, colors, ... all accessible through innovative digital techniques to bring the latest ceramic trend to our customers through the screen.

A room configurator is also available on this website where with just one click we can modify the color, format and finish of the product to be placed in the bathroom of our dreams.

Access and you will be surprised at what Peronda is capable of offering.


Other news

Peronda has won the Alfa de Oro - Cevisama - awarded for delivering polished tiles with a high level of anti-slip properties.
Peronda has presented innovative new collections conspicuous for their quality and high technology, thus demonstrating its passion for detail, included the "Alfa de Oro" awarded products.
Innovative gastronomy and cocktails filled with all the flavours of Mexican cuisine in a space that is the result of a collaboration project between Francisco Segarra and María Barrero.