Passion for detail

A long history

Peronda has manufactured wall and floor tiles since 1827 with a view to offering consumers a superior selection of products. Thanks to this long history in the Spanish tile sector, the company has grown and evolved and it currently has customers in over 100 countries. Due to its extensive experience and a learning curve in which it takes pride, Peronda has forged a reputation for its quality and dedication.

Research and innovation

At Peronda, we regard innovation and investment in technology to be fundamental in our bid to offer top-quality cutting-edge products with a strong design appeal. A manufacturer at the forefront of research into tile design and techniques, Peronda’s products always have something that sets them apart from the rest. Thanks to ongoing research activities and the application of new techniques, we are able to offer consumers top-quality one-of-a-kind products.

Peronda’s goal

We aspire to convey our passion for ceramic tiles through a unique range that combines the assurance of a top-quality product with a design and development process that sets them apart from other tiles. Our versatile products stand out for their superior design and timeless appeal, thanks to their style and exquisite finer details.