The value of the passing of time


Uneven polished brightness evoking the result of the passing of time on a fine surface. The beauty of elements that the more they get old, the more value they have, the more beautiful they are and the more number of stories they treasure.

All of this is bound to quite a soft touch that turns any indoor area into a special, warm place where we feel safe and comfortable.

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Unlimited purposes, same surface

Unlimited purposes. Same surface

Can you imagine having the very same flooring with identical features in every single space of your project? Antislip Soft finish brings softness and antislip treatment together. There is no need to choose any more. You can have it all in just one product.

More softness and cleanliness

Up to now, humid areas were doomed to roughness. A spa, a pool or a bathroom get to be nicer now thanks to the softness this brand-new Peronda’s finish brings us.

Less stock

Peronda’s news finish Antislip Soft is the best way to optimise business, for it lets us reduce the stock by using this all-in-one product. Just with one reference, we can satisfy the many technical needs of your project.

More harmony

We can already come out on the terrace regardless of neither formats nor tones. Unlimited ways of placing materials give us a feeling of aesthetic continuation we really like.

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Real precision


Nature creates whimsical textures, nooks and grains, and that is their source of beauty. No two are the same, and in their uniqueness stems their beauty.

A passion for seeking details has led Peronda to develop a technology capable or reproducing nature at its best, which is by capturing down to the last detail.

Reliefs are created via digital technology perfectly coordinated with graphic printing to generate the most natural pieces ever seen in ceramic.


Our printing inks reach each and every part of the printed texture. The tiles are printed with absolute precision, carefully marring the design with the corresponding texture to unparalleled technical effect.


There are no optical illusions. Everything is real. What you see and what you touch are one and the same thing. The printed veins coincide perfectly with the texture. Everything you have always longed for in ceramic tiles has now been achieved by Peronda.

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