- 05 février 2018

Peronda has won the Alfa de Oro Award

Peronda has won the Alfa de Oro - Cevisama - awarded for delivering polished tiles with a high level of anti-slip properties.

The Alfa de Oro awarded the obtainment of ceramic tiles with a gloss surface finish, thanks to the use of conventional glazes and crushed frits, combined with a high slip resistance and easy-to-clean surface. These tiles meet the non-slip requirements for places subject to public use, both indoors and out, and wet or dry areas with barefoot or shoe-clad users. To date, the achievement of a glossy surface has not been associated with a non-slip grip. A surface with these characteristics has never been a good one for achieving a coefficient of friction – between the surface and a bare or shoe-clad foot – that could guarantee a safe grip and slip resistance suitable for use anywhere. 



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