Management Policy


The Management at PERONDA GROUP, S.A. is committed to drawing up, implementing and maintaining an integrated quality management system for its activities based on UNE-EN ISO 9001 standards, and environmental management based on UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards.

In line with the group’s corporate philosophy, the key aim of the Integrated Management System is to address the concerns and guarantee the satisfaction of all stakeholders, whilst observing full respect for the environment and applying ongoing improvements throughout the organisation, in accordance with the objectives set by the Management.   

In order to achieve the Annual Objectives set out in the Action Plan and to ensure the success of its Strategic Plan, the Group has acquired the following undertakings:  

A commitment to ongoing improvements:  based on promoting a culture of ongoing improvement at all levels that extends to all Group activities, guaranteeing all necessary material and human resources.    

A commitment to customer and stakeholder satisfaction:   based on the demands of all parties in order to ensure their maximum satisfaction. To handle complaints and claims from all stakeholders in an efficient and effective manner, focusing in particular on those made by our customers.  

A commitment to training and staff awareness:   the provision of ongoing training and environmental awareness-raising for all company employees in order to boost and enhance their professional skills and know-how, their ability to adapt to change and the introduction of innovative processes and to foment an increasingly positive attitude towards sustainability.  

A commitment to product quality: based on the design, production and commercialisation of innovative and differentiated quality products that are both competitive and environmentally-friendly in order to consolidate and improve the Group’s market position and boost the confidence of our employees, customers and suppliers, whilst permanently complying with the established quality and environmental standards.  

A commitment to environmental protection, including the reduction and/or prevention of contamination:  based on the undertaking acquired at all levels of the Group regarding its environmental behaviour, including the sustainable use of resources, managing the waste products generated, minimising emissions, implementing a system designed to detect environmental issues and promoting actions aimed at reducing any impact caused in terms of the life cycle.    

A commitment to abide by all applicable and legal requirements:  based on compliance with environmental legislation in force, as well as all applicable legislation regarding our activities or products, as well as all other requirements that the Group may adhere to regarding environmental issues.  

·  A commitment to innovation and energy efficiency:  based on the undertaking acquired by the Group since its foundation to encourage and promote the use of innovative and energy efficient processes that lead to ongoing improvements in terms of its environmental performance and  achievement of objectives.  

· A commitment to actions aimed at addressing threats and opportunities:  the development of a system aimed at assessing and handling threats and opportunities in order to ensure and enhance the desired effects and to prevent or minimise any undesired consequences.  

· A commitment to gender equality: application of the Spanish Equality Law through the corporate Equality Plan, aimed at promoting equality between men and women in the Group.                                               


The Management undertakes to inform all levels of the Group of its Management Policy and ensure compliance therewith.     This Management Policy is available for public consultation and must be accepted and applied by all members of the Group in order to ensure ongoing improvements to all our activities and the efficiency of the Management System.